Saturday, May 05, 2012

Sometimes all you need is new windshield wipers....

First of all, I want to extend my thanks to the Gresham Lions Club for my new glasses.

Whereas, with those old glasses I had, I began to notice I was have a difficult time driving at night - couldn't make out shapes very well, oh like parked cars,,,,and people (and I will tell how OLD they were -- the last time I had a prescription filled for glasses was when I was working and had vision insurance - and I retired in 1999.)  It had gotten to the point I had to quit driving at night, and frankly, for the last year, I had to miss my regular Sunday evening worship service at my church all that time.  I was on the Praise Team, and also in the choir, and the choir always sang Sunday evening, so I missed that too.  I did not like any of it one bit.

A friend suggested I contact the Lions Club.  I did.  Well, thanks to the Gresham Lions folks I am driving at night again. Yeayyyyyy !  And have rejoined the choir AND the praise team, and can regularly go to Sunday evening services.  This means a great deal to me.  Gresham Lions Club, I thank you!

After I received approval for my application, I was advised to go to the Mt. Hood Vision center for an exam and for my new glasses.  I just was to say the Mt. Hood Vision folks and Dr. Clay have been great, also.  The whole experience has been a joy and a huge benefit to my own personal quality of life.

The story below however, just goes to show all's well that ends well. 

As I began to test whether my new glasses were really helping me see better at night, I had capable friends ride along with me in my car to and from being the place that I am most likely to find myself going to at night, as it happens. I told my one friend that if it rained, let's just see 'how things go' as it might prove to be a difficulty for me.  It certainly had been so in the past year.  Well, wouldn't you know, living in Oregon, it rained the third time I drove at night.  I spoke to my friend as I began to travel back up the freeway to my exit -- "hmmmmm, I think maybe the next time it rains, you should drive, hon. I'm having a bit of difficulty seeing good."  My friend replied, "Marilyn, I think maybe you need new windshield wipers! These are just smearing the rain around."   I laughed and said, "Hmmmm, maybe that's why I've been wondering about the same thing lately." 

The very next day my friend and I were together again, running errands, and as we drove by Auto Zone, I decided to pulled in and pick up some windshield wipers.  My friend told me they would put them on for me.  Sounded like a good plan!  I shopped a bit, talked to the fellow there, and with his help, I bought some really good windshield wipers.  I told the fellow I needed good ones as I had trouble with my eyes, and he showed me this one set that was "all one piece," which he said made them better.  Convinced, I bought them and he came out and put them on my car.  It was a gloriously beautiful day, the sun was shining and the sky was patchy blue with fluffy clouds; HOWEVER, the minute we drove out of the driveway, and onto the main street, it began to rain GREAT BIG OL' RAIN DROPS! Whooopppeeee I got to turn on my BRAND NEW WINDSHIELD WIPERS no sooner than I had left the parking lot!! I laughed out loud, and said I guessed God wanted to prove to me I needed those darn old windshield wipers and that I should listen to my friends.  He also proved to me once more, He indeed has a sense of humor.  Especially as it resides in my daughter.  I related my "funny story" to her and she cracked up, saying, "Good grief, Mom, all this time you thought your eyes were bad, and all you needed was new windshield wipers."

There ya' go.  My Life!

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