Friday, September 30, 2005

Leo killed Laura last nght...

Proving once and for all that the spirit lives on long after the body is gone.
I was busy doing something on the computer and I could hear Leo in the hallway near the kitchen playing with Laura. Little did I know he was examining, CSI autopsy style, a now dead , small, uhh previously stuffed, Veggie Tales character named Laura. Laura was stuffed carrot with gold braids, and a little voice box inside her that had several "cute sayings". I got up from my post at the pc and discovered the violent nature of the attack had indeed been fatal, and examined her remains. Not much left. All her insides were strewn from one end of the hallway all the way out to the living room. Actually I was not sure it was Laura, because where the remains came from, that is, the shell of Laura, was nowhere to be seen. And the remains didn't tell me much. They looked like any other stuffing one might see - and could not be distinguished from any other stuffing. I didn't examine the contents of the stomach. Had I, I might have learned more about where poor Laura was at the time of her death. Sadly, I gathered up the stuffing and put it in the trash and told Leo in no uncertain terms that he was indeed, a BAD BOY, altho I still had no idea who the deceased was. But it was sure that he'd been up to no good, from the size and amount of devastation at the crime scene.

Later I was in bed, when I heard the plaintive cry, "Good Morning, George. How are you?", and "Let's go say some nice words. Come 'on!" I got up - well, mostly because it was 2 a.m. - and looked for Laura. I know the sound of Laura's voice of course. There was Leo, on the steps, with the shell of the former Veggie Tale Laura. NOTHING left but her spirit!!! (translate, gold braids, an empty velour carrot shell, and a voice box!) I didn't believe in ghosts before this. I think I might now. If he finds her again before Halloween I think we are in for some trouble.

Needless to say, what is left of Laura is resting in peace, on top of the entertainment center. Nothing left but a box, a shadow of her former self. It was the only place I could think of high enough to clear Leo's jump. Especially after the "candy bowl on the coffee table" incident of yesterday evening. At least they were sugarless. (Yes, Leo IS the family dog!)

Brand New Day!

This is truly a brand new day for me. This is my first blog attempt. Let's see how it goes.