Friday, April 25, 2014

Hiway 101

I was viewing a gallery of photos of the "Most Beautiful Coastal Drives in the United States."  And after reading some of the comments I was driven myself to respond in kind as to my own personal experiences driving the Oregon Coast.  One comment in particular mentioned that there wasn't that much to see from Seaside north.  Well, that has a grain of truth but don't let us forget about Fort Stevens and the Astoria column (and the INCREDIBLE view from there).  However, I would agree that driving SOUTH from Cannon Beach you pass through some of the most gorgeous scenic routes in the U.S.A. Start early from Cannon Beach....Over Mount Neahkanie where you will take MANY pictures,,,,but watch your husband's blew over the edge and I thought I was going to have a heart attack when he and my son went over the rock wall to get it back,,,,but then,,,he was a cedar logger and very used to repelling down into the ravines where all the cedar had been left years before by loggers who then had no use for it (interesting side note).  Coming off the mountain, take a hard right down into Manzanita, stopping at the ONLY local market in town, grab a drink and a snack and go down to the beach and look back up at the mountain you were just taking pictures from; now pop down into Nehalem, stop at the parking lot across the street from the market in that town, where you can go down on the dock and feed the ducks, (decent restroom on the other side of the utilities bldg there btw), then on down through Wheeler, Rockaway and Garibaldi to Tillamook. Take 3rd street east out of Tillamook for maybe 3-4 miles or so, take the right at the fork in the road at the end of all the pastures, driving along the bay (Bayocean Rd), and if you are really adventurous go straight to what I call Road's End where the sign says to turn left to Cape Meares,,,,continue your drive out Meares Ave toward the spit, you'll see 3 or 4 other cards parked there no doubt, and climb over all the rounded stones on the spit where a very few silvery windblown trees stand, and look back north at where you just came from,,,, then back round the Three Capes, being SURE to make another hard right at the top of the hill into Cape Meares Lookout; park there and take a short walk past the restrooms veering to the path on your right to find the "OctopusTree."  If I go, I weep when I get there, so many memories, so many visits. Google it. :o) Swing down into Oceanside, great roadside park for parking, walk the beach to the tunnel to the far right that goes under that big hill, have a bite to eat at the almost 5 star Roseanna's Cafe (see TripAdvisor) and watch the sunset at Oceanside - been going there since my 51 yo son was a pre-teener; round back into Tillamook, checking out Happy Camp Hideaway along the way. Oh if you have TIME,,,,be sure to get and ice cream at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. That should do you for a day trip all right!  And a happy sleep at the end of it. And that's just one day. Hiway 101 is one Hiway that should be driven all the way into California (Bandon-by-the-Sea is WONDERFUL), and then just keep going! And when you can, south of Garberville, find the cutoff to Hiway 1,,,,,down through Bodega Bay, Point Reyes, and stop in at Bolinas, all the way to thru Mt. Tamalpais, to join up with 101 again and then......the Golden Gate. I'm ready. :o)

Thursday, April 03, 2014

What to Do When You Have the Flu or a Cold !

I sent an email with all of this great information in it to a good friend of mine today.  I have been using these herbal remedies for some time now, quite some time, I might add, and I know them to be true helps for bad things.  So I just decided to copy and paste most of the email here on my My Life blog.  Just to say ---- this is good stuff, folks.  I have included links to articles and links to where I get most of my supplements on Amazon.  I have NEVER had a problem with buying through Amazon.  Or, if I did have a problem, it was HANDLED completely to my satisfaction and then some. goes:

WHAT to Do When You Have the Flu or a Cold! 

First - here's just one fairly concise article re: Andrographis
This article speaks to the clinical trials done with Andrographis (which is what first sold me on getting some) [note the part where it mentions eleutherococcus; i.e. Siberian ginseng]

**Here's what I order on Amazon:
Here's a fancy web page about Siberian ginseng (it is NOT the 'regular' ginseng):
By the way - this one is a very cool website -- can look up a variety of "supplements" there - check out ashwagandha for example.

This is often added to the combo of Andrographis & Siberian Ginseng - Schizandra:

**Here's what I order on Amazon:


I love this. Gonna see if I can make some for my young grandson.

I suggest reading the first review on this page (the 'snake oil' one) on Amazon.

The rest of the list are the "usual suspects" including:
You can trust Swanson's anytime - I just usually get everything from Amazon now because the prices are always right and I get free shipping with a $35 order AND they carry Swanson's anyway.

Zinc - just get a bottle at Costco and use it in combo with the above when a cold or flu hits (Pastor is the one who put me on that one and then I began to look at the ingredients in ColdEze and AirBorne [expensive] and see - AHA! - Zinc

Vitamin C - same - Nice BIG bottle at Costco was just on sale for $10
Now ------ I put all this in here and I will say this.  The other thing I hear a LOT is recurrence after recurrence after recurrence of the same type of thing.  Flu-like symptoms.  Cold-like symptoms.  Sinus infections. Chest congestion. Long durations of symptoms.   1.  Yes, I got sick finally a week or so ago.  But - I immediately started at the first sign - the regimen I have talked about here - all in gel cap form (you can see those little green herbs in there ;o)

Vit C
Echinacea / Goldenseal

And yes, I was pretty darn sick.....BUT.....2. I got over it in about 7 days; and very importantly,,,,3. It DID NOT go into my sinuses, or become bronchitis in my chest,,,,OR recur!.....all of which I KNOW can easily happen if you don't NIP it....and the above (for starters) is how I NIP it.

btw -- many people I know suffer from Migraine headaches.  I did some research in particular for my son-in-law, who I watched one day as a migraine came on - it was awful and he was suffering - and so it put me 'on the case' - so to speak.  I found that Butterbur (also clinical trials proving the benefits had been conducted) and Feverfew were, in combo, PREVENTATIVE.  I got him some and he found COMPLETE FREEDOM from migraine headaches.  Now, he says he just takes it upon occasion as needed.  I'm sure he would go back to a regimen if the need occurred as well.  The problem is most people don't really get it.  A young lady at my church was another one that told me once about her 'migraines.'  I talked to her mother and sent her the info, but whether they ever picked up on it,,,,I have no idea. Nothing was ever again said that would have tended to acknowledge. So be it.  My own 22 yo granddaughter has the same problem, but instead, she is on every known pain killer and tranq there is,,,,and way too much of any of it to be beneficial!

I have a profound belief that the leaves, plants, roots, that God has already put on this planet - when wisdom is applied - are here for our use.  Yes, doctors are good, but medicine; i.e. drugs from a laboratory, is often complicated by the money mongering big pharmas.  So be it.  I will go back to my trusted sources, starting with "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss, who I discovered in the 60's - a born again Christian....and P U S H from there.  The article below speaks to Butterbur and Feverfew.  I get a combo from the NOW brand on Amazon.
I threw the above re: migraines in just cause it is pretty unknown info and IT WORKS!!!

I know this is one heck of an email to try and read and click on everything.....I am actually going to throw this info into a blog I have just because now that I have written it all would be good to preserve it for future reference. 

I have a couple of blogs.  It's rare I find time to write anything in them....but here are the links...just fyi anyway.  One is mostly stories that have happened in my family, life, etc. and a lot of it is humor. It's just called My Life. Another is about things that I have found that made an impact on my thinking.  It's called - oh guess - Impact.  "My Life"
If you read ANYTHING on this blog - try to find the one that's entitled: Sandy and Me Go To The Beach.  It's pretty darn funny.   "Impact!"
Haven't done much with this one in a longggg time.

Well, that was pretty much the substance of my email to my friend,,,and I decided this was a good place to put it so the info would not get lost.  I am definitely going to make that Elderberry syrup, just as soon as I figure out where to buy fresh elderberries !  :O)