Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is There Any Other Toilet Paper In The House?

I live with two roommates, both of whom are great gals.  One of my roomies and I share a bathroom.  We have evolved to keeping a kitty for purchasing some of the essentials-in-common; e.g. paper products, including paper towels, and, of course, toilet paper.  Because I am a member at Costco, I usually pick up the toilet paper in those giant packs with 30 rolls or so, and because of my friend, Sandy, I am now a -- shall we say, fan -- of Charmin' Ultra.  I used to be the gal that just picked up pretty much whatever was on sale at the supermarket.  But Sandy, bless her heart, reframed me.  At Sandy's house the only TP in use in HER bathroom is Charmin' Ultra. I asked her one day about what she used, and she told me, "Only Charmin' Ultra." I asked why. Sandy said, "Because it's realllllly nice!"  She's right. It's nice.  Nice and soft and yea, just nice.  If this is beginning to sound like an ad for Charmin' Ultra, I have no excuse.  I began to buy Charmin' Ultra at Costco, and to date, almost, that be that. The roomies chip in to the kitty and off I go to make the purchase.  Maintaining that level of satisfaction, yes, we have been happy bathroom campers!

We were getting low on that necessary item recently, and I happened to mention I was going to pick some up soon and would be using the kitty to do so. (Oh, the kitty. Right. We each put in $10 a month. That pretty much covers our "essentials-in-common" as it were.) My roomie that I share the bathroom with said to me, "Oh, I have some in the car. I'll bring it in."  "Oh, ok," say I, and that would be that.  Or so I thought.

My roomie brought in the 'goods' in due time and put the rolls in the bathroom we share.  It was a Safeway brand.  Something 'Softly' I think it said.  In fact, I just checked (we have lots) and it says "Ultra Softly."  Ya think?

(And while I'm on the subject of "lots" - can someone tell my why every package of rolls of TP in the supermarket says things like "9 MEGA rolls = 24 REGULAR ROLLS!"  Does anybody KNOW where those packs of "regular rolls" are? Has anyone ever seen one?)

Anyway,,,,,,back to my story,,,,,I really had to VOW NOT to say anything about my reaction (uhhh literally) to this product replacement, not wishing to be unkind, and frivolous when it comes to my roomie's sensitivities I began to, uh, use, the new paper product available, I noticed something.  My impression regarding "Ultra Softly's" ultra-softliness went out the window along with a slightly, well, shall we say, this side of rude, remark that I really really really DID keep to myself ---- something along the lines of, "Good grief, this stuff is about one shade this side of using newspaper!"

So, I kept quiet.  Patting myself on the back for being a goooood roomie.

Until one day, oh,,,,did you see this coming,,,,,my roomie says to ME........

"Is There Any Other Toilet Paper In The House?"

I fell out laughing, high-fived her and was set free!  I was no longer able to contain myself, nor was I obligated by roomie protocol, to do so, and as I was cracking up,,,,,while I had to sadly tell her "No," and that we were confined to using up the rest of the Safeway "Ultra Softly" - unless, of course, we wished to donate the balance of the "9 MEGA rolls" to the church fellowship hall bathroom.

Which I will do Sunday.

And on the way home, I'll be stopping at Costco.

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