Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lostine Tavern - Lostine, Oregon

This is all about the Beet Chocolate Cake I saw the other day on my Recipes Tile on my Windows 8.1.....and lost it.

I sent this email to my kids.  And it was a cool enough story to blog.  So here you go!
Dear Family,

OK, this is a trip.....


Ok...first you have to know that I had just been reading about how beets have both anti-inflammatory AND antioxidant properties.  I had a flare up I guess it was, of "sciatica" -- and it was B A D.....wincing, yelping bad....went on for days and days.....and I was looking for R E L I E F (and it was not Alka-Seltzer) when I saw that I thought - man I gotta get some beets.  Beets are ok.  And of course I should eat them in their pristine form........but then.....

I was looking at recipes on my Recipes Tile on Windows 8.1 the other day,,,,and there was this cool recipe for a chocolate beet cake ( you could call it an authentic Red Velvet Cake - which, if you want MHO, most Red Velvet Cakes are way too dry - so I was interested in this "version" - kind of a spin on a carrot/spice cake - but chocolate - with beets instead of carrots - interesting!) ..... with what looked like an awesome chocolate frosting.

AHA! Beets ! Why that makes every kind of sense in the world to someone my departed husband would say to, "You can't go by a bakery any more than I can go by a tavern..."



I didn't think about saving it.
Mistake.  #1

Soooooo, naturally, I have been trying to find that identical cake ever since.  I remembered it had 2 1/2 cups pureed beets and it mentioned that it was a menu item at a tavern in the heart of Oregon's cattle country (which was a "LINK" btw and I didn't follow it either!) Mistake #2

I found every other beet cake there is - with my "I'm not giving up till I find that cotton-pickin' cake, doggone it!" googling.  But not a one of them was THE recipe I had seen on that first day.  
Tonite I just googled the key ingredient like this:  "2 1/2 cups beets pureed"
yep! that was IT....I was pretty stoked....then once again I saw the "tavern in the heart of Oregon's cattle country" link - and this time ---- I followed it....and found this:
Pretty non-descript website - that's for sure ! Not much help here...
So I tried "yelp" ----
ok there are only 6 reviews but ......... but - the food looks A M A Z I N G
it's been decades since I have been to eastern Oregon.....but this place is now on my bucket list ! :o)
And in the meantime----- I WILL make that cake and we can totally check it out!
p.s. the "My 5 yo Grandson" story is pretty good too :o)