Tuesday, October 07, 2014

My 5 year old Grandson Cracks Me Up!

My 5 year old Grandson cracks me up!

You have to have a bit of background to appreciate this little tale.  My daughter and her husband have a lovely home and recently decided to do some renovating, upgrading in the kitchen, if you will. They had these counter tops that were that ceramic-type tile, kind of cream-colored with the grouting and all.  They decided to upgrade to granite counter tops.  They chose black, with a smooth as glass finish with a bit of sparkle throughout. The sink got replaced with a new sink, all black and with a matte finish. A graceful high-flung faucet in what looks like an aged brass with a trumpet-shaped water spout competes the scene. Absolutely gorgeous!  Without a doubt!

My daughter had a penchant for paperwork and magnets all over her refrigerator (hey! look at mine, same thing!!) but, of course, hers was school papers for the kids, and pictures and all manner of kiddy magnets and even kid's toys that were magnets.  Everywhere. 

Next to the frij to the right is a sort of cubby-style desk under a cupboard.  It holds the kitchen phone and is usually covered with some more paperwork. Another counter in the kitchen was also dedicated to even more paperwork....things to review, things to deal with. You know how it goes.


When the new smooth-as-glass granite countertops appeared.....things were bound to change.

I walked in the house last Friday to take care of my precious baby granddaughter, and there was not paper one on the counter tops, not magnet one on the refrigerator which I discovered was a beautiful stainless steel with black trim,,,,,, every nook and cranny was cleared. Cleared.  (I wonder as I write this - what DID she do with all that paper?)  Shiny.  Spotless. 

Then my daughter came down from the upstairs,,,,and asked,,,,what do you think?  Did you notice?  Did I notice?  Are you kidding?  It looks beautiful!!  She said, I know, I went crazy, worked like mad, (mind you she was sick but you know, that happens when you are sick sometimes,,,,,you get a cleaning bug like you would not believe and off you go!  Maybe that is a way God has of sweating that toxic whatever you have right on out of you! Could be you know!) and cleaned everything.....she added.....come here I want to show you the laundry room.

Now I have to tell you, the laundry room was pretty full as a rule......of laundry.  After all this is a family of FIVE and three of them are female.  That oughta tell you something!  I had offered to help with the laundry because, yeah, it did look a bit overwhelming, but,,,,as other mothers will note having had the very same experience and same reaction from their daughters had they offered to do the same,,,,,"NO, Mom!  I have my OWN way of doing my laundry.  Just leave it alone."  Hey, I know better.  Don't argue with that one.

But here I was, being shown the laundry room.

GOOOD heavenly days!  It was PRISTINE!  ORGANIZED!  AMAZING!  The laundry room has a washer and dryer to your left, under all the cupboards, then on your right is one of those wheel-based clothing racks holding dry cleaning and other items of clothing hanging on hangers there, and dead ahead on the far wall, an outside wall actually, is a counter, and to its right, a sink, with cupboards below.  The counter was completely CLEARED.  Nothing piled anywhere.  Nothing in the sink.  ALL was completely organized.  It was quite a picture.  And she was pleased as punch with herself, and proud of her new space.  As well she should have been!


She told me what Paulie said when he saw the laundry room,,,,,,,and more specifically,,,,,how he addressed the completely cleared off and spotless laundry room countertop. 


Like - ok - wait for it - like he had never seen that counter before or even knew it was actually even there......... LOL .....and I daresay.....that may have been quite accurate....hehe

And, of course, he immediately made it into his new playground,,,,climbed all over everything,,,,the washer, the dryer, the countertop, into the sink and back again.

What better way for a 5 year old boy to spend an afternoon after school?  On the NEW (not) Laundry Room Counter. 

My 5 year old grandson cracks me up! 

[new one: my daughter tells me the other day my 5 1/2 (now) yo grandson said to her: "Mom, you are a woman who just doesn't accept things." Whaaaaaatt??? ROFLOL]