Thursday, May 03, 2012

Some Things Never Change !

.....or should I say some people never change

The other evening I had occasion to enjoy a time with a former roommate and good friend of mine and some friends of hers at a charity benefit banquet.  It was a delightful evening....but it had its moments.  Priceless moments, mind you, but moments, nevertheless.....  

Like this one.

I had to lift an eyebrow then furrow it - the other nite when my dear former roommate and some one else at our dinner table went "off" on some kind of "special water" they were drinking that "does everything." 

Miracle water.

Alkaline water.

Ionized water.

Kangen water.

So I researched it this a.m.

It's only $4,000 to get the gizmo that does the "ionizing."  [google kangen water - then add the word 'scam']

And it's an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

Oh brother.

Oh and by the way you can't put it in a plastic container cause it eats the plastic.



Of course my dear friend was drinking her very special "kangen water" out of her own personal plastic water bottle.  Oooooooops!

Wish I'd had my wits about me - I would have told them to make Bieler Broth.  Cheaper and it'll alkaline their systems all they need!I learned about Bieler Broth in the late 60's when my youngest daughter was about 6 yo.  You know, the stuff actually works.  If you're sick, make some Bieler Broth. What's it made with? Simple stuff. Green stuff. Green string beans. Zucchini. Parsley. Cook it in some nice water, season it a bit, and blend it up into a nice puree.  Bieler Broth!

"This simple soup restores alkalinity and mineral balance,,,,"


Oh that girl, my former roomie, and her MLM's!

Love that girl, nevertheless. Gotta say. (If you're reading this hon, really, I do. But I could not pass up the opportunity to blog it.)

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