Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Princess & The Pea

Someone who read my blog asked. Well, for one thing,,,,SPEAKING of BRAND NAMES,,,,,the can of cherries inside was the Knott's brand. Hey. That counts !! However, the cobbler topping needed butter and cinnamon added to it, IMHO. That will go for box #2 without saying.

Yesterday I worked on my room some more,,,,digging into all the corners, routing around in the closet, bagging stuff up into donation bags, and vacuuming in all those places that were under things. (eeeeyeeewww!)

I think I reallllly bogged down on that whole idea and project at the point just following when my daughter redid the "family room" in the house. The futon that was resident in there ended up in MY room, and worse yet, on top of my BED. bed already had 1) a nice, soft, thick albeit somewhat sunken-in-the-middle pillow-top mattress; 2) a foam topper; and 3) a feather and down "feather bed" on top of all that! I felt like the old fairy tale about the Princess and the Pea; you know, the story about the princess that had to sleep on top of 20 mattresses. I swear I needed a ladder to get into (let alone OUT OF) bed. Ok. I'm not real sure about the "princess" part. I then discovered I had to prop my 27" Panasonic TV up on telephone books on top of the stand it was sitting on....cause I couldn't see it over the edge of my now sky-high bed!!

Well I finally revolted and took the thing OFF my bed -- folded it in half -- and shoved it into the space between my bed and the wall. I've always been one to leave a space on the other side of my bed even if the room is small so I can get in there and MAKE it. (Uhhhh...not anymore!!!) Now it was filled up with folded-in-half-futon! My daughter and I kinda chuckled about the whole thing. Honestly, we didn't know WHAT to do with that darn futon. My daughter, the comedianne, said, hey it was ok, tho, just an extra "bumper".

Thank goodness my girlfriend bought the darn thing and came over Sunday and got it. The futon being GONE was kind of a corner I could see myself turning, and the leaf that I was waitin' on to turn over to do all this.

It is already making me feel much better as I get truly organized and I continue to go thru the things in my room. Plus we now have a brand new storage unit,,,,with NOTHING in it yet. LOL...we'll be fillling THAT up. No problem.

And yep, in answer to the other question I got...I got allllll the stashed stuff at that same thrift shop the day I went back for my Senior Discount. hehe Now I'm filling a bag of stuff from my room-- donations ya know -- and guess where I'll be taking it. Ya think it's guilt?? :o)

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