Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Moving stuff around...

This was such a good thing. Monday nite I totally rearranged my room. My room is 9'x12'...I measured it. I got out some graph paper and started a whole mathematical process to determine where the queen size bed could go, where the 27" TV could go, where the 5'x3' table my computer resides on could go, where the dresser could go, and where the TRUNK could go. Then as I began to plot it out, I got one thing drawn on my graph paper,,,,my bed,,,just move it from the wall by the window, straight across the room to the inner wall. I suddenly could see it all. Simple. Just DO IT! Move the TV (which sits at an angle) over to the window area, and move the trunk which was in the hallway by the door, next to the bed, and yes, the dresser had the same "footprint" as the trunk, just lots higher,,,,so,,,,it could live nicely in the space in the hallway by the door. Don't move the 5'x3' table at all. Wow! And, I did it!!!!

My daughter and my grandaughter both loved my new digs. Heck, my daughter came in and hung out til she practically fell asleep on my bed, while I sat in the chair at my "desk" (table) and we watched a sit com together. She said, "it's so much more welcoming, inviting,,,,why, it's feng shui !" Or however you spell that feng shwee thing!! It was so nice having time together in my new digs. :o)
I have plans to box a LOT of stuff up and get it OUT of my room. My room had become the "storage" place for a lot of extras. Christmas decorations, gift wrapping boxes, I think of it, and I wonder what in the world...how did I ever CRAM all that into my closet and still have room for ME.

Changes. A good thing.

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