Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Cherry Cobbler Story

So I'm at the Dollar Tree this last Friday, and I see this box, one of those mixes where everything is in the box,,,for "Cherry Cobbler". It has a can of cherries, and this streusel type topping in the box. And, like you ALWAYS say when you're at the Dollar Tree -- "it's only a DOLLAR!" Shoooooot, I bought TWO !!

When my daughter came home I showed her my find. She was chuckling, cause I was pretty excited about it. When I told her I got them at the Dollar Tree, she frowned a little, came over and looked more closely at the box, and said, "What kinda cherry cobbler you gonna get for a DOLLAR?" I looked back at her in astonishment, and said,"But, look! It's Banquet!!!"

My daughter retorted, bent over laughing, "BANQUET AIN'T NO BRAND!!"

We both fell out laughin' ! And these are the moments, they are, they are...

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