Friday, December 18, 2015

There's A Difference Between Psalms & Proverbs

I haven't written this story yet - think I was a little concerned about the possible family backlash.  But -- tonite I'm in a "what the heck" kind of mood. So here goes:

A while ago we had a special day,,,,it was my baby granddaughter's dedication day at my daughter and her husband's church.  A very special time, and many family and friends joined together to celebrate this beautiful little baby's dedication to our Lord.

Afterwards, a group of us, friends, and family, gathered together at a local restaurant where we were able to get a nice banquet style room and relax and enjoy fellowship and food together. My older daughter brought a lovely gift and a beautiful card for the baby as a remembrance of the day.  She is like that, my older daughter; she is so thoughtful that way, and really goes the extra mile, every time, to make things special.  I remember the card really caught my eye, a beautiful graphic on the front with a mother and daughter, as I recall, and I picked it up to read it.  She had included a Scripture reference at the bottom, Psalms 22:6, but she didn't include the words.

Well, what happened next is now a "family story" surely to be told at many a gathering from here to eternity...without a doubt!! the story was told today, my other daughter, mother of the now 18 mo old baby girl that got dedicated that day, started the story out, saying, "And mom, you know, she grabs her smart phone,,," -- my daughter holding her hands up in the air and swiping the face of the imaginary smart phone she was "holding" -- and says, "...and she's looking up the scripture,,,," (naturally I have at least 5 Bible apps on my phone in half a dozen translations, so.....)...."and then she goes, 'Oh NO!' and puts the phone down."

Now, mind you, my daughter who gave the gift and the card,.., her boyfriend was sitting next to me at the table, and he looked over my shoulder when this actually happened and asked to see the scripture -- the one I had just looked up -- the one located at Psalms 22:6.  At a glance, he shook his head, rolled his eyes, and frowned in disbelief.


Now ---- on that note,,,,,I'll let YOU have all the fun.

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