Friday, December 18, 2015

Floods and God

I have a phenomenal 6 yo grandson. 

We've been having a seemingly enormous amount of rain just lately and when it rains like this here in the Portland area, it produces rivers and lakes in no time.  Believe me! I've driven through a few of them....unwittingly of course.....and been surely thankful that "through" turned out to be the operative word !!

My grandson was riding in the car with his dad one of these nights, and as the story goes, his dad was exclaiming to him about the rain,,,,and the flooding.  "Look, Paulie, look at the flood!!" His dad remarked as they drove along.

To which Paulie adamantly replied, "Dad, it isn't supposed to be flooding!!. God said He wouldn't do that again!  Did Jesus forget?"

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